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When I began my homeschool journey, almost 8 years ago now, I had 2 toddlers and a 4th grader.  Since this homeschooling thing was new to us, I stuck with textbooks, which kept planning pretty simple; a lesson a day.  After a year I decided I wanted to add preschool into the mix.  I was really enjoying teaching my oldest and couldn’t wait to teach my little ones.

Little did I know there would be so much more I had to learn.  With preschool I didn’t want textbooks, I wanted fun schooling, but what I neglected to realize was that those textbooks made a schedule for me and without a plan this mama would struggle to be consistent.

I know in the early years this doesn’t matter much, but it mattered to me because we all worked better when we knew what was next in our day.  I had no idea what I was doing and thought the curriculum I was creating was the problem.  It would take me 2 years to realize that planning week to week or month to month was something that just did not work for me.

There was a lot of frustration in those early years and I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong and I blamed me.  Finally I came across an article about planning the entire year and began using a program called Homeschool Tracker.  I spent the next summer planning and entering all our books and worksheets into the program and would print out what we were working on each week.

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I had finally found a way to be consistent.  Now I could just focus on the weekly planning of pulling together resources and supplies for the next week of lessons.  This new way of planning has changed my homeschool.  I spent so much time mad at myself because I just couldn’t get it together and now I finally found a way to make it work.

Once my middle child started with Kindergarten I found that Homeschool Tracker was no longer working for me either.  I found that we didn’t always get through the subjects at the same pace so I would be working in different weeks on different subjects.  You know how life goes; you aren’t always taking an entire day off of school.  Some days you get part of it in and something happens and you don’t complete lessons for that day.

Now that my kids are older we use a lot more textbooks, but I still find it helpful to plan out History and Science for the year since we do a lot of supplemental reading and projects.  So I have created a printable to plan a single subject for the entire year.

These are my Yearly School Planning sheets.  They are broken down into weekly increments based on a 36 week school year with space for assigning work Monday through Friday.  If you only do a certain subject twice a week just use 2 boxes per day;  one for reading and the other for projects or assignments.  Then you could use Friday for a supplies list of what you will need for the week.  I will be using it for a 4 day subject and using the Friday box for my supplies list.

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