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This is the fifth post in the What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series and this week we are tackling Bible Curriculum. I have to say we have tried a lot of different Bible curriculum. Some we have found that don’t fit us at all and others that work really well. Today I will be sharing with you what we have used and loved and also what I am using for next year.

In the early grades (pre-K and K) I suggest using a Bible storybook. The ones we have really enjoyed are The Jesus Storybook Bible, the BELIEVE Storybook and The Story for Children.

Believe Storybook: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus - By: Randy Frazee

For the elementary and high school years we have loved Positive Action for Christ. This curriculum is very colorful and fun and the kids have learned a lot from it. I have very much enjoyed learning alongside my oldest daughter using their Bible studies for the Middle and High School years.

Growing with God Student Manual (3rd Grade) -

This past year I decided to try something new with my elementary kids. Though we will probably end up eventually going back to Positive Action for Christ in the future, we loved Apologia’s What We Believe Series. This year we used Who Am I? and have really enjoyed it. My kids were actually bummed when I finished this book and asked if we could keep the book to read it again. I took that as a sign that we should continue with this series and I have decided to use it again next year.

Who Am I? What We Believe, Volume 2 - By: David Webb, John Hay

Next year we will also be using Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum. I have had my eye on this curriculum for a while but have been waiting for my younger ones to be old enough to really understand it. It is recommended for ages 7 -11.

Answers for Kids, Bible Curriculum Set (Teacher's Guide, Student Handouts & CD-ROM)

This year we also used Learning to Use My Bible curriculum because I wanted my kids to understand how to take a part a verse and locate it in their Bibles. We just started this, but we are all loving it and they are learning so much. Most Bible curriculum just tells you about the stories in the Bible, so I was excited to change it up this year.

Learning to Use My Bible Teacher's Guide: A Study for Children Ages 7-10 -

This last one isn’t a complete curriculum, though it does cover the entire Bible, but my kids love it so much I had to include it.  It’s the What’s in the Bible DVD series. We seriously own them all plus the Christmas DVD and I often use them along with our Bible curriculum, but honestly my kids just watch them for fun.  Not only do these shows make my kids laugh out loud, but they teach them so much.  Even I learn when I watch them with my kids.

What's in the Bible? 13 DVD Pack -

Share with me in the comments below what your family has used and loved. If you missed the last 4 post to this series I have covered Preschool, Kindergarten, Math, and History. Come back next week to see what we have used and loved for Art. If you don’t want to miss my posts you can sign up in the top right hand corner. My newsletter goes out on Fridays!

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