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So we are continuing on with our 7th installment of the What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series with Science.  Science is another curriculum that I seem to change up a lot in our house.  I have tried many different curriculum and have found a lot of them to not work for us.  So if you are struggling with the same predicament read on as I share with you what we have used and loved.

For the elementary years I have found creating my own unit studies to be the very best option for us.  There are so many book lists on Pinterest to help you out with this.  Simply type in the topic, such as astronomy books, and you will see tons of book lists others have used. I have also put together a list of my favorite science book series to get you started here.  This option also gives you so much flexibility to explore your kid’s interests.  We have loved using living books to learn science.

(Guide to Creation, Guide to God’s Animals, Guide to Dinosaurs, and The Archaeology Book)

If you feel too overwhelmed by putting together unit studies we have enjoyed the A Beka Science
Textbooks too.  I love that they are all put together for me.  Everything they are learning is already planned out me and I just do the next day’s lesson.  They will learn an array of topics in a year so you don’t have to worry about them getting bored covering only one or two topics.  This curriculum is creation based and all you have to do is look forward to the activity section to see what supplies you will need if you choose to do the activities.

Grade 6 Homeschool Child Science/Health Kit -

For Junior High and High School we use Apologia Science.  In Junior High (7th & 8th grade) we can get away with just the textbooks books, but once we hit High School I registered my daughter for the Apologia Online class.  Biology, Chemistry and Physics are a little bit over my head, lol.  I enjoyed this because all the lab reports and such are graded by her online teacher.

If you have missed any of the previous posts in this series, we have covered Preschool, Kindergarten, Math, History, Bible, Character Education, Language Arts and Art.  I would love to hear what science curriculum you have enjoyed in the comments below.


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