What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series – History

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This is my third post in the What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series and today I am going to cover History.  I have to admit that History has been one of the subjects we have struggled with finding a curriculum that fit our family.  But over the course of 7 years I have found some that we have truly enjoyed.  I hope this list is as much a blessing to your family as it has been to ours.

In the early elementary years we have greatly enjoyed Confessions of a Homeschoolers, Road Trip USA and Expedition Earth.  These both include a lot of living books and activities to make history more enjoyable.  We start with Road Trip USA and alternate every other year.  There is so much you can use with this curriculum to make it different every year.

Here is a list of living books we enjoy to go along with Road Trip USA.  We also used A Trip Around the World and Another Trip Around the world to complement Expedition Earth.  Another fun idea to include is a subscription service like Little Passports or Which Way USA by Highlights.

When my kids get to 4th or 5th grade I begin them with the Mystery of History Vol. 1.  My oldest daughter went from hating history in private school to loving it with this curriculum.  This is one of those curriculums that even the parents find themselves wanting more. This is another curriculum that you can add so much to.  There are activities, book suggestions and time line recommendations.  Also you can purchase notebooking pages, coloring pages, and more at additional cost.  I can’t wait for my younger kids to begin this next year.  I am already in the planning stages and I am excited for them.

This year my oldest daughter found another curriculum she has loved; Notgrass.  I really wish we had found this last year, but we are both grateful she found a curriculum to finish out her high school years that she really enjoys again.  This year she used Notgrass Exploring World History and next year she will be taking Exploring Government and Exploring Economics. If your child enjoyed the Mystery of History and is looking at what curriculum to use next, I highly recommend Notgrass.

Read a-louds are another great way to get your kids engaged in learning history.  We love the Imagination Station, Magic Tree House and Geronimo Stilton series for the younger ones and for the older kids you could use The Sower Series, Landmark Books and the Heroes of History Series.  If you are looking to incorporate Magic Tree House books I have a free printable list of all the books with topics and/or place of book here.

So that takes us from Kindergarten all the way to 11th grade.  We have tried some others in there and couldn’t wait until we finished them.  I hope this list helps you on your homeschool journey.  I would love to hear from you what your families have enjoyed for History in the comments below.  Don’t forget if you liked this post, and don’t want to miss the rest of this series, to subscribe by e-mail in the top right hand side on my blog.  If you want to check the other posts in this series; here are my articles on Preschool, Kindergarten, Science, Language Arts, Character Education, Bible, Art, and Math.  And if you want to check out all our favorite curriculum on one page you can go to my Amazon Influencer page to check out our favs!


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