Our Homeschool Schedule

I thought you may be interested in what a homeschool day looks like for our family so I will do a rundown of a typical day at our house.

We usually start our day off between 9 and 10am.  I know this may sound late for some, but it is what works for us.  I am not a coffee person, but I need some time to wake up in the morning before jumping into my day.  We begin our day with Bible and Character Education.  Then we move on to meditation.  After we finish up 15 mins or so of meditation we jump into math.  Math usually takes us around an hour or so each day.  I work with one child while the other is working on problems they can do on their own and then I switch them.  I intend to conclude our mornings with 20 mins. of PE and then art, music, life skills or computer time depending on the day.  My New Year’s goal is to actually get this in consistently.

After morning lessons we take a 2 hour break for Recess and Lunch.  Then we pick up afternoon lessons around 2pm.

Our afternoon lessons consist of English, Spelling, Handwriting, Reading, independent reading to mom, History and Science.  Again I will work with one child while the other is working on some independent work like spelling and handwriting.  History and Science are taught together, whereas the others are taught separately.  We end our formal homeschool day between 4 and 4:30. Then before bed all the kids get in their jammies, yes even my high schooler, and we all cuddle up in momma’s bed for some read aloud time.  They each can bring a book they want me to read to them and I give them each five minutes or so and then I will take out a chapter book we are working on and read another 15 minutes.

I work a schedule from August to June where we have a vacation every 8 weeks or so.  I find it easier to schedule them the same time as the public school because these are the weeks the kids usually have off from activities also.  The one exception is our October vacation where we usually go away somewhere.  Rates are generally much lower due to being off season. We also schedule Fridays as a light day so that if there was a doctor’s appointment or for whatever reason we missed a subject or two (aka Life) we can get caught up then.

I would love to hear what works for you and your family in the comments below.  Please remember this is just what our family does.  Like in every other home, things don’t always go the way we want them to, tomorrow is another day.  Our families are different, are personalities are different therefore what works for one family won’t necessarily work for the next.

If you are interested in what we are using for curriculum this year, click here.

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