My Top 10 Kids Craft Books

My kids absolutely love making crafts, and though I will occasionally print something that catches my eye on Pinterest, I like to have craft books around the house for my kids to have on hand for when they get bored or are feeling crafty. We have had a lot of craft books go through our home, and though most have an activity or 2 that they like, most do not stand up to the test of time. Today I am going to share with you my top 10 “go to” books for kids’ crafts.

#1 The Usborne Big Book of Science Things to Make and Do – This is my kids very favorite craft book. It is literally falling apart because it is used so much. This has projects like the catapult plane, spinning paper helicopters, panpipe straws and the fantastic flingers.

#2 The Usborne Big Book of Vacation Things to Make and Do – This book is filled with crafts from Usborne’s Things to Make and Do series. You can make a mermaid tiara, a pirate treasure map, an octopus mobile, a party mask and much more.

#3 51 Things to Make with Cardboard Tubes – I love this book! It shows you how to turn cardboard tubes into all kinds of animals, a totem pole, a lantern and even a castle.

#4 Pretty Fabulous Fashion and Craft Activity Book – This is my daughter’s favorite craft book! It teaches you how to make all kids of jewelry, a diary, a pin board and even shows you how to design a t-shirt.

#5 Wizard, Pirate And Princess Things to Make And Do – Another favorite of mine! You can make a shining star wand, a wizard’s hat, a princess headdress, a treasure chest and much more with this book.

#6 Sewing School – If you have a child that enjoys sewing, I highly recommend this book. The projects are simple so it is good even for those just starting out with sewing.

#7 Hello Kitty Activity Book series – This is a great set of craft books for fans of Hello Kitty. They are small books and each has a theme like glitter or felt. This is an older series but the crafts are really cute.

#8 Kylie Jean Craft series – Even though this series is geared towards girls the crafts themselves are pretty gender neutral. There are 4 books in this series and my daughter loves them all!

#9 Usborne Things to Make and Do Series – Usborne has an entire series of their Things to Make and Do books. There are Princess Things to Make and Do, Mermaid Things to Make and Do, Pirate Things to Make and Do, Fairytale Things to Make and Do and many more. I just love Usborne’s craft books. They show illustrations of the steps and the pictures are so colorful and fun.

#10 EcoArt – This is also part of a series, but this one is my favorite! (I will include pictures of some of the others below) Although the pictures of the crafts are drawn in black and white, I still love how many really fun and different projects there are.

What are your favorite craft books for Kids?  We are always looking for something new.  Share them with me in the comments below!

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