Our 2017 – 2018 4th & 5th Grade Curriculum Choices

Hey guys, it’s that time of year again.  I love looking at all the curriculum choices everyone is making for their families.  It helps me to see new curriculum and get great ideas for the upcoming year. So I thought I would share our Elementary curriculum with you too.

I am combining my 4th and 5th grade curriculum selections in one post since they do a lot of their work together.  I will be doing a separate post for my oldest who is in 12th grade this year. Enjoy our 2017-2018 Curriculum Choices!

My 4th Grade Curriculum choices for Cupcake:

My 5th Grade Curriculum choices for Bubba:

Combined Lessons:

Bible – This year we are using a combination of Apologia Who is God?, Answers for Kids and What’s in the Bible? DVD’s.

Daily Bible Reading & Devotions –Cupcake is continuing to read The Beginner’s Bible while Bubba works on his daily devotional, Gotta Have God: Cool Devotions for Boys.

Character Education – This year we are reading through Character in Action as well as Kids of Character and Portraits of Integrity.  All three are published by Character Concepts.

Science – We are taking a different approach to science this year and I am using 4 books, each one will cover a quarter of our year. I will have each of the kids pick a topic from that quarter’s book and do a research report for the quarter.  We are using Guide to Creation, Guide to God’s Animals, Guide to Dinosaurs and The Archaeology Book.

History & Geography– This year we are beginning our journey with the Mystery of History Vol. 1. I have used this curriculum with my oldest daughter and we loved it so much I couldn’t wait to start it with my little ones. Look for a future post on how we use the Mystery of History!

Art –This year I am going to try really hard to actually get this in, lol. Cupcake will be using Home Art Studio 5th Grade and Mike’s Inspiration Station. While Bubba is going to be using How Great Thou Art and Art Class to help him improve his drawing skills.

Typing – This year I am introducing my littles to typing.  We will be using Typing Instructor for kids. My oldest daughter used this typing program and loved and my little ones have been greatly enjoying it too.

Music – We are beginning this year using HomeSchool Piano since we will still have a little bit of our free summer subscription still left.  Once that is over we will continue with Piano lessons online, but I am not sure which program we will be using yet.  I am trying to decide between Hoffman Academy, which we haven’t tried yet, and Homeschool Piano which we have and really enjoyed.  If you have tried both I would love your thoughts on them both.  They both get great reviews so I am torn.

If you want to see what we changed from last year.  You can check out our 2016 – 2017 Elementary Curriculum choices here.

If  you have any questions about our curriculum choices feel free to ask them in the comments!

I would love to hear what curriculum your family is using and loving this year. Share them with me in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Our 2017 – 2018 4th & 5th Grade Curriculum Choices

  1. am considering adding the Archeology book to next years (6th grade) curriculumn, so interested in what you think about it, and if it can be done in a quarter! we’re doing ancient civ this year, so I think it will be great to add for ‘summer’ session, as we year round school.

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    1. We will be using it for our 4th quarter. You can definitely check back with me then and I will let know how we make out. I am excited to give that series a try. I am thinking of using their astronomy book for next year.

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