Our 2017 – 2018 12th Grade Curriculum Choices

My oldest daughter is in the 12th grade this year. We are using  a lot of the same curriculum that we used last year again this year, but we do have a few new choices to share. Mostly her electives have changed.  If you would like to see what she used for last year you can find it here.

Now on to our curriculum choices:

My 12th Grade Curriculum choices for Princess:

She is continuing to use Teaching Textbooks for Pre Calculus.  I am so psyched they came out with the 2.0 version of this last year!

This year Princess is using the Virtual Homeschool Co-Op for her Physics program.  It is free, but it is a little hard to know what you are supposed to be doing each day in the self led program. But for free I cannot complain.

She is using The One Year Adventure Novel this year, which she is enjoying so far.  Not sure that I can recommend this product though.  You basically don’t own the product and can’t sell the product once you are done with it.  And to find this information you really have to dig for it.

We are continuing with Notgrass this year for Economics and Government.  Not sure you can make these subjects fun, but she needs to take them.  She did absolutely love their History program though, so I do highly recommend this company.

Since History did not have a Bible component this year we decided to give Masterbooks a try.  She already owned Answers in Genesis Books 1 & 2, but hadn’t read them yet and really wanted to dive into them, so I found Creation / Evolution and the Bible.  She is really enjoying this.

This is our second year with Rosetta Stone.  It has been the only Spanish program that has worked for Princess and we have tried many.

For electives she is doing Total Health and Foundations in Personal Finance.  She has been enjoying Total Health so far and will be diving into her personal finance program in the second semester.

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I would love to hear what curriculum is working for you this year in the comments below.

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