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My Top 10 School Supplies

It is that time of year again…Back to School.  I’m excited to start our new curriculum and spend another year learning beside my kids and also sad to see the warm days of summer coming to an end.  But with that end comes some fun back to school shopping.  I love this time year!  It’s like Christmas for me.

So today I figured I would share with you what my must haves are for Back to School shopping.

#1 Filler Paper– I use a lot of this since I use binders for all areas of my life to help keep myself sane.  My oldest daughter uses filler paper in a binder instead of notebooks because she is left handed and hates notebooks.
#2 Mechanical pencils– These save so much time at the pencil sharpener each day.  I don’t know about you, but my kids will use any excuse to stop homeschooling and then I lose them, lol. They also tend to break the .07mm mechanical pencils so I purchase the thicker ones.
#3 Laminating Sheets– Every homeschool Mom needs these, right? I love my laminator! I use for all kinds of homeschool projects and as DIY dry wipe boards for my planner. But even if you don’t own a laminator you can still use laminating sheets.
#4 Index Cards – We need both lined and unruled.  The unruled are for flashcards and the lined are for note taking.  My oldest daughter likes the larger lined ones the best for studying.
#5 Colored Pencils– I am in love with the new erasable colored pencils from Crayola and so are my kids.  They use these constantly in and outside of the classroom.
#6 Crayons– I got so tired of the broken crayon issue so I started using the twistables several years ago and honestly they last so much longer and no sharpening.
#7 Markers– Another staple in our home.  I love the super tips in the larger variety of colors for my kids. I have very artsy-craftsy kids so they enjoy them too.
#8 Printer Paper– I am making several parts of our curriculum this year so I am in need of even more printer paper than usual this year.
#9 Binders– I have a binder for every area of my life, plus I use these for homeschool too.
#10 File Folders– We use file folders for lapbooks.  I have been doing a lot more lapbooks in the past few years with my younger ones and this year is no exception.

Well that is my top 10 school supplies we couldn’t live without in my house.  How about you?  What supplies do you purchase every year and love?  Share them with me in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 School Supplies

  1. I think my whole world runs on colored pencils and copy paper around here. Everything we do, everywhere we go, constantly scattered everywhere is a small stack of copy paper and a can of colored pencils. lol! Thanks for sharing your list!

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  2. Great list, Jenna! I just ran out of printer paper this week and about had a panic attack. I mean, what do you do without printer paper??? Pinning! Visiting from Fridays Unfolded Link-Up.


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