Must Have Essential Oils for Cold and Flu Season

With the cold weather quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite essential oils for cold and flu season.

Every year my kids tend to pick up some sort of bug from their friends and pass it around the house.  Last year was a particularly rough winter for colds at my house and this year I am determined to be ready.

During those rough weeks when the kids were down for the count, I fell in love with some oils that really helped us get through those tough days.

#1 – I diffused OnGuard ( similar to Immune Strength by RMO) to try to keep the cold from spreading throughout the house and honestly it did a great job right up until I stopped diffusing it because my little one was on the mend and I thought we were through the contagious period, but I was wrong.  So my tip; keep diffusing until a few after they are feeling better.

#2Breathe (similar to Breathe Ease by RMO) was a huge help with congestion.  I diluted it in a roller ball bottle and applied to my kids’ chests.  I absolutely love this stuff and use it often on myself.

#3Frankincense was the only oil that would help calm my son’s hacking cough.  I diffused this a lot during the day, but especially at night to help with the constant cough.  After just a few minutes his cough would calm right down.

#4Lemon was my go to for diffusing at night for my daughter who was suffering from a dry throat.  You know how awful it can be to lie down and not be able to sleep because of a scratchy throat.  This did the trick and helped her sleep through the night.

#5 – Luckily we have steered clear of the stomach bugs, but DigestZen (similar to Tummy Rub by RMO) is great for all stomach issues.  I would suggest diluting it and putting it in a roller ball bottle for easy application under the belly button.

If you are just starting out with essential oils, I recommend you consider also buying a diffuser, a carrier oil (for dilution), and some roller ball bottles.  I would also recommend purchasing an essential oil guide book to help you understand how they work and what to use for different ailments.

What are your favorite essential oils for fighting cold and flu season?  Share them with me in the comments below!

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