When I heard that Sarah from My Joy-Filled Life was hosting a LET’S-READ-AND-FIND-OUT SCIENCE Blog Series, I was so excited.  This has been one of my favorite book series to use for our Science Unit Studies over the years.

We have used and loved so many of these books and I wanted to pick something my kids would love, but we hadn’t really studied yet.  I chose “How People Learned to Fly“, because my little girl has been trying to figure out how to fly since she was ACTUALLY little (she’s 9 now).  So this topic was more than overdue.

This book covered man’s infatuation with flying, through all the contraptions men built trying to fly and finally covering how our modern planes were actually designed after the birds form itself.

I love the LET’S-READ-AND-FIND-OUT SCIENCE Series because in the back of the book there are suggestions for other books for further learning.  And often times, there is an activity also to help solidify what we have learned.

Unit Sudy on Flight, Amelia Earhart, Wright Brothers, Books on Flying

We decided to do both to round off this Unit Study, so I added a few more resources.  First we started with Leonardo and the Flying Boy.  It is the story of how Leonardo DaVinci created an invention to soar like a bird.  I won’t tell you how it ends, you will have to pick it up for yourself, but I can tell you this, it was a cute story and made my kids want to learn more about this famous inventor/artist.

Next they watched The Animated Hero Classics : The Wright Brothers.  This is a 30 min. video put out by Nest Entertainment.  We use these videos often in our studies.  They even have a quiz at the end of the videos.  I highly recommend this series.

Finally, we decided to take the activity in the book a bit farther and instead of just folding a paper airplane, we took out a book from the library called The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes and we made some really cool and some really simple flying paper air crafts.  My little girl decided she was going to come up with her own ideas and so she designed her very own paper flying contraptions and honestly some of them flew pretty well.

I also like to reinforce our learning by covering the same subject in our read a-loud materials.  I decided on Who Was Amelia Earhart? since it’s my girl that would like to fly off into the clouds someday.  She loved learning about Amelia, so much that we decided to take it a step further and she did a report on her too.

I also like to use reference materials with my unit studies, so I ordered DK Eyewitness Flight.  This gave the kids all kinds of flying contraptions to look at and even showed different parts and kinds of planes.

We had such a great time going through this unit study.  If you have a child that dreams of flying, I think they will love it too.

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