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I have used, and really enjoyed, 2 different spelling programs, but in the end my kids were just not walking away with a better spelling vocabulary.  That is why this year I decided to take my favorite parts of those programs and make my own.

I really enjoyed the natural writing approach to spelling in Spelling You See. I did feel that my kids were enjoying it and progressing, but they weren’t increasing their spelling vocabulary as much as I had hoped.

I also enjoyed the activity approach to A Reason for Spelling, but alas my kids were just not retaining the words they were teaching.

So this year I did a little bit of both mixed together with my own twist. Now that I have tweaked and worked all the kinks out of our new curriculum I am very happy with the results.

What I decided to do was copy a few sentences out of a book at their reading level.  (For this I decided on the Read and Learn Bible by Scholastic.) Then each day (Mon. thru Thurs.) they have to copy and read those sentences. On Monday I introduce our spelling words and post them on the wall. Each day (Mon. thru Thurs.) we say-spell-say each word of the week together.

On Wednesday I have them use writing prompts where they can write their own story in addition to their spelling assignment.  (You can print these from teachers pay teachers or have them use a journal notebook to create their own story each week.)

On Thursday, we add a spelling game (like this one) to review our weekly words.  All words that they get wrong they have to copy 5 times. And on Friday I dictate to them the sentences they have been working on all week.

I find this is working better than any list or program we have used.  I like that they are learning and retaining common words and they are doing it naturally with their writing and reading.

How about you, do you have a spelling program that you love? Share it with me in the comments below!

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  1. I have just started to Homeschool and Spelling is something I have been looking for to add to our lessons and have been copying words out of books but it isn’t what I wanted so I will try and use some of the ideas you shared because at this moment I am open to anything as long as he learns.

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    1. Yes sadly there is no one size fits all in homeschooling. You just have to dive in and see what works and be willing to scrap the plans and start over. I hope this way works for you. Thanks for stopping by!

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