FREE Printable – Black Friday Shopping List

November is here! And with it comes some of the best sales of the Holiday season, including Black Friday! I am a big a fan of Black Friday, though I usually stick with Walmart and Kohls.  Luckily my state actually does Black Friday, no stores are opened here on Thanksgiving Day, which I am honestly happy about.  Though that usually means I am sneaking out of my house in the wee hours of the morning.  I tend to stay away from the initial rush of people these days.  It is such a rush finding the perfect gift for a steal.  And they are already rolling out the Black Friday ads.  Check here for latest Black Friday ad leaks!

So to help with your Black Friday holiday shopping I created this FREE Black Friday Shopping List.  It includes space for the store name, location, what time they open and even priority so you can plan what order to hit your stores in.

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Print a list for each store you want to hit on your Black Friday adventures! I have included columns for the item name, price, when the sale begins (think Walmart’s staggered sale), who you are purchasing for, a space to check off that you have purchased the item and even a column for an alternative store in case you find your item sold out.

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Are you going to be out shopping this Black Friday?  Or are you more of a Cyber Monday kind of person? Share your thought with me in the comments below.

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