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The whole purpose of Family Night/Day is to reengage with your family.  Here I am going to share with you some activities we have enjoyed as a family and some that are still on our bucket list.  Remember every family is different.  My family and I love movies and games and real simple fun.  Maybe your family is more musical, you may want to sit around a camp fire playing music together.  Or maybe you have a DIY kind of family who can really dig into a project together.  The point is to reconnect with those you love and put down all the devices.  And that is going to look different for each family, but here are some of our favorite activities to do together.

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Going on a hike – Take a look around your area and see if there are any state parks or hiking trails.

Have a picnic – You can do this on your front lawn, in the town common area, or a local park.  Have the kids help make and pack your meal too.  You just need a big blanket and a patch of grass.  Bring a frisbee to throw around or picnic next to a playground for added fun.

Take a walk around your neighborhood – Simple enough, right?  After dinner take a stroll around the block.  You get some needed exercise and you can even get Fido out for his evening run.

Pretend the lights went out – Do your kids get as excited as my kids do when the lights go out?  If they do, this is a really fun idea.  Have dinner and read them some stories by candlelight. If you have a storyteller in your midst make up stories to tell.

Go to the beach – Whether it is the ocean or a local pond.  Pack up and head out for the day.  If you are near the ocean you can collect sea shells, if you are at the local pond bring some nets and buckets and catch tadpoles.

Play Wii – There are so many cool games you play as family on the Wii.   You can bowl, dance, sing, just about anything.

Have a slumber party – This is one of my kids’ favorites.  We either have a sleepover in the living room or they will bring their sleeping bags into our room. Plan for a night of giggles!

Camping in the backyard – Camping anywhere works, but if you’re not big on camping this is a way you can camp without really roughing it, lol!

S’mores and a camp fire – This is another easy but fun one.  My kids really enjoy just sitting around the fire pit and talking.  Add some glow sticks and s’mores and they will have a ball.

Make dinner and dessert together – You would be amazed how much kids love to help.  Even your little ones can cut up strawberries for strawberry shortcake.  Get the whole family involved, make a menu, just have fun with it.

Catch fireflies – On a nice summer evening grab a jar and go hunting for fireflies if there are none to be found, pull out a blanket and stare up at the stars.

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Go out for ice cream – You can make this simple or you could concoct an awesome banana split together and share.

Take them bowling – I would recommend candle pin for little ones since it is easier for them to hold the balls, but this can be so much fun.

Mini golf – My kids absolutely love mini golf.  We try to do this one every summer as a family.

Roller skating or ice skating – This one is still on our bucket list.  My youngest really wants to go ice skating.

When all else fails ask your kids what they want to do as a family.  Our first family day was led by my youngest who wanted to finger paint together.  So we did.  After we all had our hands covered in paint, I had each person place their hands on a piece of paper to commemorate our first family day.

I hope this article has inspired you to take a night or day to reconnect with your family.  Once you start you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

This is the last post of a three part series.  If you enjoyed this article and want to read more I would love for you to check out Family Night – Movies and Family Night – Games.

What are your favorite things to do as a family? Share them with me in the comments below.



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