Brave Beauty – Review

I received my copy of Brave Beauty for free as a member of Zondervan’s Z BLOG SQUAD in exchange for my honest review.

In a time where little girls are being encouraged to wear make-up and dress seductively, this book is a breath of fresh air.  I am all about keeping my kids young and greatly enjoyed reading Brave Beauty with my 9 year old daughter.  Today she came to me and said “Mama, can we read this book again tonight, I really like it. All girls should read this book.  It helps them learn about themselves.” She is right.  Not only does the author, Lynn Cowell, teach girls to focus on who God says they are, but helps them reflect, with questions at the end of each mini chapter, on who that is.

I greatly encourage you to share this wonderful book with all the girls in your life, little and big alike.  In a world where our girls are being fed expectations of perfection in magazines and the media I believe we could all use a heavy dose of Brave Beauty.

Brave Beauty contains 100 mini chapters and reads much like a devotional with a call to action or questions at the end of each chapter to reflect on. Just like our little ones are given Bibles at a certain age in our church I believe this book should be given to each of our girls when they begin their tweens. This book is beautiful from the inside out just as Lynn Cowell seeks to teach our girls.

If you, like me, decide you need this book for the little girls in your life.  Then I encourage you to act fast as Lynn is giving away a free download of coloring pages, “I will be brave” declaration cards and more on her site if you purchase the book by 8/31/17.  Head on over here and pick up your copy today then hop on over to LynnCowell.com to pick up your freebie.

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