5 Tips to Help Fight Summer Boredom

Well, summer is officially here and the kids are getting out of school any day now.  That means the dreaded “Mom I’m Bored” days are about to begin.  To help fight summer boredom I have put together my top 5 tips for keeping kids busy this summer.

#1 I have created a list of fun things to do when the kids get bored.  I call it my Boredom Buster List.  It is a list the kids can reference when they don’t know what to do next.  I am sharing my list with you today for FREE in the middle of this post.

#2 I like to create a “Bored Box”.  It is just a tote that I fill with all kinds of activity books.  I have crossword puzzles, mad libs, mazes, and tons of craft books.  (For my list of my absolute favorite craft books click here.)  This box is another place for my kids to turn to when they are bored.

#3 Sign the kids up for free activities.  I have created a list here of all the places you can find free activities, but the ones we have enjoyed the most are the Library, State Parks and local Movie Theaters.

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#4 Since we moved at the end of last summer we don’t have as many of the free activity options as we used to, so I have had to be a little more creative this year.  One of the things we have started this year is some free summer programs for the computer.  The Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has 9 education computer programs that are free for the summer.  I signed both of my younger ones up for Always Icecream and Clever Dragons.  And since my son has wanted piano lessons, I signed him up for Homeschool Piano.  The kids love these new programs and they are keeping them learning through the summer.  I love it! There are several other programs to choose from so hop over to the co-op and see if there are any programs that might interest your kids.

#5 If all else fails give them something new.  I have found that a $10 trip to the dollar store can go a long way in keeping little people happy.  No dollar store close by, try a thrift shop or yard sale.  If that isn’t in your budget hit the library for some new books, videos, cd’s, audio books and video games.

I have found that simply having a plan in place tends to make our summer days less frustrating. I hope some of these ideas can help you to have a smoother summer too.

What do you do to help keep your kids busy over the summer months?  Share your ideas with me in the comments below.

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