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5 Tips to Help Fight Summer Boredom
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Homeschooling with PureFlix.com
No problem. It’s a great question.

Homeschooling with PureFlix.com
It’s been a while since we were on JellyTelly but Pure Flix has a lot of the same kids shows. But Pure Flix also has documentaries and biographies. I don’t remember having that with JellyTelly. Also Pure Flix has shows and movies for adults and family too. You can check out what they offer by clicking the banner in the above post and then click on About Pure Flix in the footer. Then there is a browse tab at the top and you can browse the different categories to see if they have what you are looking for. I hope this helps.

Homeschooling with PureFlix.com
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What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series – Art
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What We’ve Used and Loved Curriculum Series – Bible
Hi Stephany, thanks for stopping by. I combined my kids. They are only one grade apart though. You should look at the Kindergarten grade on Christian Book and see if you could do the same. You don’t have to have the little one do the workbooks though. You can just have your preschooler sit in and listen or do a coloring page instead. There are many Bible based coloring books out there. You can find some on Christian book or even the dollar store. I hope that helps!