5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories – Review

I received my copy of 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories for free as a member of Zondervan’s Z BLOG SQUAD in exchange for my honest review.

I am so happy to be teaming up with Zonderkidz to give you some great reviews on some really awesome books.  We love and own a lot of Zonderkidz books in our home already and the 5-Minute Adventure Bible Stories was a wonderful addition to our already growing collection.  This book is full of beautiful illustrations and stories that we all know and love from the Bible.

With over 30 stories from the Old and New Testament this book is a steal selling at around $10 on popular websites like Christian Book and Amazon.  Think of how much you would have to pay if you purchased these stories individually.  And they are the perfect length for little ones.

I loved that these stories were both engaging and Biblically accurate. It was a breath of fresh air to see Eve’s fruit tree depicted as just that (no apples), Noah’s Ark not a little dingy with animal heads sticking out, and Jonah’s fish was actually a fish, lol.

This books covers 15 stories from the Old Testament.  From the story of creation, Adam and Eve, the Exodus through the story of Jonah.  It includes 18 New Testament stories from the birth of Jesus, covering many of his miracles and through his crucifixion and resurrection.

My oldest daughter enjoyed this book so much she asked if she could have it to keep for her kids someday. This book would be a great addition to any family’s collection.  These stories are perfect for cuddling up with at bedtime or for any story time. It would also make a great addition to family Bible time.

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