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10 Ways to Save Money on Curriculum

This is the time of year I begin planning what curriculum we are going to use for next year.  Part of that is deciding what curriculum I want to use and the other part is finding a way to afford it all. In turn I am always looking for new ways to stretch our homeschool budget.  Here is a list of 10 ways that I save $ on curriculum.

#1  Dent and Damaged Sales – These sales offer curriculum that is in less than perfect condition at a discount. I know that Timberdoodle, Masterbooks and Positive Action for Christ have these kinds of sales at least once a year. Watch my Facebook page as I will post these kinds of sales when they are live.

#2  Ebay – This is where I get a large amount of my curriculum every year.  Even if you don’t like the whole bidding process I have purchased many great deals with Buy it Now pricing. My only advice; know your prices.  I have watched many bids go above the price you could buy it for new.  So don’t get caught up in winning.  Set a price point and stick to it.

#3  Used Curriculum Sales – If your area has one of these, I highly recommend it.  Even if you are not up for buying you can get a chance to touch and look through curriculum you have been considering purchasing.  They also may have a free section where you can pick up some goodies. When rummaging through the free bin don’t just think about this year, but years to come also. My tip for this kind of sale is write out what you are looking for and what are your target prices.  These kinds of sales can be fast and furious so you will want to go in knowing what you are looking for.

#4  Used Curriculum sites – Sites like Second Harvest Curriculum and Homeschool Classifieds give you a chance to buy your curriculum used helping you stretch your budget further.

#5  Amazon – I love buying used books from Amazon.  Though they usually come with a shipping fee of $3.99, you can purchase them for as low as a penny (plus shipping).

#6  Deal SitesEducents is the Groupon of homeschool curriculum.  They have different sales all the time at discount prices.  Homeschool Buyers Co-Op has monthly sales and generally the more people that are willing to buy the lower the price goes.

#7  Library Book Sales – I LOVE library book sales! We find a lot of supplemental books, read a-louds, chapter books, hobby books etc. to help round out our curriculum.

#8  Dollar Stores – I am a big fan of the dollar store.  There seems to be so many treasures to be found in there, but I really enjoy the book and school section.  I have purchased so many workbooks, posters, craft supplies for art, outdoor toys for PE, and so much more there.

#9  Freebie Sites– There are so many sites to get free printables for school.  Pinterest is a great way to search for whatever it is you are looking for, but some of my favorite sites are Free Homeschool Deals, Teachers Pay Teachers, Currclick, and homeschool freebie of the day.

# 10  Slightly Imperfect – I have purchased a lot of slightly imperfect items from over the years and honestly some of it I couldn’t even tell what was wrong with it.  I know that Rainbow Resources also sells copies that are slightly damaged under Bargain Books as well.

Bonus: Facebook groups – though I have not tried these myself I have heard great things about them.

I also use Swagbucks gift cards to help purchase some of my curriculum as well as selling curriculum we no longer use on ebay and applying my profits to the purchase of next year’s curriculum.

I hope you have found some new ways to save and I would love to hear what creative ways you have learned to stretch your homeschool budget in the comments below.

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  1. great ideas! another source would be your homeschooling friends. My own curriculum & book stash was looking pretty much like the photos in the post! When we moved last year I happily passed on many things to my fellow homeschooling moms. It was a win-win situation – we had less to move and it eased up my friends’ book budget for upcoming school years.

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